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Adult League Rules and Guidelines

AYSO Adult League 1258







I.                LEAGUE PHILOSOPHY


The AYSO 1258 Adult League is operated for the purpose of giving adults the

same opportunity as the youth of our community to learn and enjoy the game of soccer.


This league is considered a family event. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun and fair environment for all who want to simply enjoy the game and get some exercise. Our aim is to provide a venue for recreational play. We will maintain a recreational mindset among the players and make every effort to reduce overzealous play. We do not tolerate out of control play or action; our goal is to promote adult behavior and good sportsmanship.


This is a recreational adult coed soccer program. The league is designed to accommodate a wide range of player skill levels. Some players have never played soccer before, while others are highly skilled. The only requirement is that you come out to have some fun.


II.             JURISDICTION


A.    Unless otherwise noted in this document, the current AYSO National Rules and Regulations related to the NAASA (North American Adult Soccer Association) Program and FIFA Laws of the Game will be used for the AYSO 1258 Adult League season with certain modifications and exceptions as outlined below.

B.    The AYSO Area 1S & Region 1258 will have jurisdiction over all games played.

C.    AYSO Region 1258 will

a.      Create and manage Blue Sombrero portal for the adult program

b.     Verify that players are properly registered

a.      NO guest players will be allowed!

c.      Collect all necessary fees

D.    Referee judgement calls are NOT subject to dispute or protest!

E.     Misconducts are adjudicated by the current Region 1258 Misconduct Coordinator.


III.           FEES


A.    Fees are due in full at the time of registration. NO refunds will be issued for any reason. The national player fee is never refundable.

B.    The player registration fee is $30.00 per player per season (subject to change). This fee will cover all program expenses related to the playing season, including but not limited to field fees and light fees.

C.    Players will pay an addition $30.00 fee annually for the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) membership fee.

a.      This fee is charged by the AYSO National office and includes accident and liability insurance and membership in the USASA.

b.     The annual membership is valid from September 1 to August 31.

c.      By having this membership, it will cover liability insurance for fields and league officers, secondary insurance up to $25,000, and fees to both USASA and to U.S. Soccer.

d.     Players who previously registered and paid this fee in an affiliated league in that membership year do not have to pay this fee. It is solely the responsibility of the player to solve any issues regarding the avoidance of any redundancy of this fee.




A.    The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) position is that if you can hear thunder you are within reach of lightning and that referees must protect the safety of all participants by stopping game activities quickly, so that participants and spectators may retire to a safer place before the lightning threat becomes significant. It is recommended to wait 30 minutes or more after hearing the last thunder before leaving shelter. Rain does NOT prevent game play.

B.    Cancelled games will not be rescheduled, unless time and field availability permits.


V.              REFEREES


A.    Referees in this league will be vetted by Region 1258 Referee staff.

B.    Referee jurisdiction begins when he/she arrives at the field and ends when he/she leaves.

C.    The referee shall have the authority to decide as to the fitness of the field in all matches. The referee shall have the authority to postpone the actual commencement of the game, to interrupt the game for short periods of time, or cancel the game in the event of inclement weather or accidents on or around the playing field.

D.    The referee shall be the sole judge of all plays. Referee calls or judgments are not subject to protest.

E.     The referee has the authority to stop or suspend play in any match where the referee deems it necessary due to spectator interference, and to request that the individual(s) creating the disturbance immediately leave the playing area out of sight and sound of the field. Failure of any individual ejected by the referee to respond within two (2) minutes of the referee’s request to leave shall be reported by the referee to the Region 1258 Referee Administrator or his/her designee. Any sanctions resulting from such stoppage will be determined by the AYSO Area 1S & Region 1258 board.


VI.           FIELDS


A.    Teams should arrive with enough time to setup the field before the scheduled start time.

B.    The last games of the day are responsible for putting the field equipment away. If teams are not sure they are the last game of the day, they should err on the side of caution and put the field equipment away.

C.    Teams will be expected to clean up all trash in their area before leaving.

D.    NO pets are allowed except for disability or service animals.




A.    Shin guards that are fully covered by socks are mandatory for all players, including goalkeepers. There will be no exceptions allowed.

B.    NO bare feet players will be allowed. Closed toed shoes must be worn. Soccer cleats are highly recommended.

C.    No jewelry of any kind is allowed.

D.    No metal hairpieces are allowed.

E.     No hard casts are allowed.

F.     Referee is the sole judge of determining the safety of any braces, and playability of the field.





A.    All AYSO Adult League matches will use the current edition of the FIFA “LAWS OF THE GAME” with the following modifications and exceptions:

1.     Law 1: The Field of Play

                                                              i.     10U sized fields will mainly be used, however the size of the field may vary depending on the fields available for use.

2.     Law 3: The Number of Players

                                                              i.     Coed Matches

1.     Of the 6 players on the field, there may not be more than 3 male players on the field at one time. There is no maximum number of women that may be fielded when making 6 players.

2.     Unlimited, on-the-fly substitutions can be made. All substitutions must be made near midfield with the player coming off in the same area as the player going on.

3.     Law 4: The Players’ Equipment

                                                              i.     Shin guards under socks are required!

                                                            ii.     All teams must have matching colored jerseys or pinnies. In the case of similar team colors, the home team will be required to change to a color accepted by the referee. The uniform of the goalkeeper must be distinctly different in color from the basic colors of the competing teams and the referees.

                                                          iii.     Garments may be worn under the uniform (i.e. long sleeves, etc.) during inclement weather, however the referee will be the judge of what should be allowed or not. Undergarments such as compression shirts and shorts must match the predominant color of the exterior clothing.

4.     Law 5: The Referee

                                                              i.     A referee will be appointed to each game to enforce the rules, keep the official clock, keep score, and most importantly, maintain safety. Their decisions connected to the game shall be final and unquestionable (no protests).

                                                            ii.     Referees also have the power to suspend a game at any time if they feel that the safety of players, coaches, spectators, or themselves are in jeopardy.

                                                          iii.     A referee shall refrain from penalizing in cases where he is satisfied that, by doing so, he would be giving an “advantage” to the offending team. If the referee applies the advantage clause and the advantage which was anticipated does not develop at that time the referee shall penalize the original.

5.     Law 7: The Duration of The Match

                                                              i.     All divisions will play 30 minute halves with a 5 minute half-time.

                                                            ii.     Match clock starts at the designated kick off time whether the teams are ready or not.

                                                          iii.     If a game does not start on time, the length of play will be shortened by the referees, such that the game ends as scheduled per normal time.

                                                          iv.     Matches in this league are running clock.

                                                            v.     Pool play games ending in a tie will remain tied and no shoot out or overtime will take place.

6.     Law 10: Method of Scoring

                                                              i.     Players are limited to a maximum of 3 goals per game.

7.     Law 11: Offside

                                                              i.     The offside law will NOT be enforced.

8.     Law 12: Fouls and Misconduct

                                                              i.     An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team at the center spot on the halfway line if a goalkeeper punts/drop-kicks the ball or if they throw the ball in the air past the halfway line.

                                                            ii.     An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team at the center spot of the halfway line if a player’s goal kick goes in the air past the halfway line.

                                                          iii.     Slide tackling against an opponent will not be allowed.

1.     A slide tackle is considered a dangerous play and an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team.

2.     Slide tackling may result in a yellow card. It is the Referee’s sole discretion whether a slide tackle constitutes dangerous play.

                                                          iv.     Slides of any sort are not permitted. Any sort of slide by a field player whether going for the ball or not, no matter if contact is made or not, is considered a slide.

1.     The penalty for a slide is an indirect free kick for the opposing team.

2.     If a slide or slide tackle is committed by a defending player within the penalty area, a penalty kick will be awarded against the team.

                                                            v.     The goalie may slide in the penalty box to block a shot or pass.

                                                          vi.     A goal will not be awarded to a player who slides to make the kick.

                                                         vii.     Playing the ball while sitting or lying on the ground will be allowed providing no opponents are within 3 yards. Referee discretion applies.


1.     There will be a five-minute grace period at the start of the game for a team to take the field before a forfeit is declared.

2.     The score for a forfeited match will be 1-0.

3.     A minimum of 4 players on the field is required to start or continue a match.

4.     If a team cannot field the minimum number of players, the game will be abandoned, and a forfeit will be declared.

5.     Any team that walks off or otherwise abandons the field prior to the game being declared finished by the referee, either due to protest or argument, shall automatically have forfeited the game and face possible further sanctioning by the AYSO Region 1258 board.




A.    In order to maintain our sportsmanship goals, prevent injuries due to serious foul play or violent behavior, and to ensure the continued use of our playing fields, player misconduct and discipline will be adjudicated using the Region 1258 Misconduct Guidelines and Policy currently in place with the exception of the below.

1.     Fighting – Players participating in an altercation that results in striking an opponent or attempting to strike an opponent will be expelled from the league.

2.     Profanity and Abusive Language – Use of profanity or loud screaming will result in a review by the Discipline Committee and possible suspension. The referees are instructed to card players who use profanity or who complain (dissent) by screaming or yelling exceptionally loud. Referees have the discretion of whether to issue a yellow card or a red card. Any foul or abusive language directed at match officials or the opponent will be an automatic 3 game suspension.

3.     Yellow Cards – Players receiving a Yellow Card will be required to sit out for 5 minute “cooling off period” and may only return at the referee’s discretion. Teams shall be allowed to sub for a yellow card. A player’s conduct will be reviewed by the Discipline Committee upon receiving 3 or more Yellow Cards within one season. The Discipline Committee will review the player’s conduct and may suspend the player for additional game(s).

4.     Red Cards – Any player receiving a Red Card will be suspended for a minimum of 1 game to be served at the team’s next scheduled game. This includes a Red Card received as a result of 2 Yellow Cards in the same game. Any send offs for other than receiving 2 cautions* in the same match will require the person sent off to attend a disciplinary hearing. After the hearing, any additional game suspensions as determined by the disciplinary review board, if warranted, will be communicated to the player and team manager. A player’s conduct will be reviewed by the Discipline Committee upon receiving 2 or more Red Cards within one season. The Discipline Committee will review the player’s conduct and may suspend the player for additional game(s).

a.      * Any player receiving a red card as a result of a combination of yellows due to dissent will be suspended for the next two (2) scheduled games.

5.     Zero Tolerance with respect to Referee Abuse – Referees are humans. Mistakes are bound to happen. Learn to live with it and adjust your playing style based on the referee’s style of officiating. If you disagree with a call you may respectfully disagree at your own peril. Persistent or extensive disagreement will result in a Yellow or a Red card. Any form of dissent that references or implies anything about a referee’s character, age, sex, or ethnicity will result in a Red card. The Discipline Committee will review all cases of Referee abuse and may suspend the player for additional games or expel the player from the league.

6.     Alcohol - Alcohol is not permitted at any game or event, and offenders will be asked to leave the league without refund. Playing while intoxicated is prohibited.

B.    Referees shall have the right to issue red cards and eject any players or coaches guilty of using profanity, either by word or action, against other players, other coaches, spectators, referees, or any league officials.

C.    Players guilty of pushing, attacking, or threatening by action, word, or gesture toward a referee or any league officials shall receive a minimum twelve-month suspension. Any player guilty of violating this rule as reported in a referee’s game report shall be subject to an automatic suspension pending investigation by the AYSO Region 1258 board.

D.    Team managers are wholly responsible for the conduct of their team members and that of their spectators.

E.     Team managers, players, and spectators are required to cooperate fully when required by the league. Failure to cooperate could result in expulsion from the league.

F.     Conduct incompatible with recreational play is any conduct that threatens the ability of the AYSO 1258 Adult League to provide a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for recreational adult soccer.

1.     Conduct incompatible with recreational play shall include, but is not limited to:

a. Verbal abuse of other players, officials, or spectators (using profane, insulting, intimidating, threatening, demeaning, or derogatory communications, including gestures.)

b. Cheating (intentional and egregious violations of the rules of play, using ineligible players, fake identifications, etc.)

2.     Players who are charged with conduct incompatible with recreational play may receive a sanction in line with the severity of the offense, up to and including a twelve-month suspension.

3.     A report, or complaint, describing the alleged conduct in violation of this rule, which may be made in the referee’s game report or after the incident by an opposing team or player, shall be investigated by the AYSO Region 1258 board.

G.    All spectators must remain a minimum of 2 yards from the touchline and between the 18-yard lines.


X.              PROTESTS


A.    The referee’s decision is final. Protests are not allowed in regard to referee decisions on the game.




  A.    The AYSO Area 1S &  AYSO Region 1258 board retains the right to interpret and apply league rules to the optimum benefit of all participants. 

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